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Integrate with internal and external systems to cost-efficiently re-use information and release staff from the administrative burden of entering the same information more than once.

Support for the
complete research
life cycle.

CONVERIS supports the complete research life cycle, from an initial idea over project applications and projects to their results and exploitations.


Work previously undertaken on paper, by email or across multiple legacy systems is managed systematically through CONVERIS’ structured workflows.

AND highly

CONVERIS is highly effective out-of-the-box, enabling rapid implementation by organisations for a swift return on investment.

Driving research
standards – CERIF,
Open Access.

Avedas is an integral and dynamic element of the global research management community and actively contributes to the latest initiatives and standards.

State-of-the Art

Reports with relevant indicators, charts and tables for internal and external purposes can be generated by CONVERIS using ‘live’ data, on demand across all levels of the organisation.


„The new Converis 5“
Jan C. Maier, CEO
„CONVERIS supports the complete Research Life Cycle“ Martin Jägerhorn, CCO International
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Pre- & Post-Award Management

With CONVERIS, universities and other research organisations can manage the complete process for pre- and post-award. CONVERIS keeps track of audit and reporting deadlines, includes automatic reminders and offers dedicated grant reports comprising success rates, budget monitoring and network graphs.

Publications Management

CONVERIS allows organisations to systematically collect, validate, present and report on research results: tracking bibliographic meta-data as well as full-text while offering full Open Access repository functionality. To minimise researcher and administrator workload and assure high data quality, CONVERIS retrieves publication data from online sources and supports import from many file formats.

Graduate Students Management

CONVERIS supports the complete Graduate Student Life Cycle, from initial admission of new graduate students, via structured study plans to graduation. Features offered include electronic approval processes, progress monitoring, automated alerts and graduate student management information reports.

Research Analytics

CONVERIS Research Analytics offers users an interactive web interface specifically designed for reporting, combining data through drag-and-drop into individually designed reports, producing dynamic pivot table-like aggregations of metrics, visualising data with charts and constructing dynamic dashboards that enable analyses to be conducted throughout the complete Research Life Cycle, without reliance on IT specialists.

Research Portal

The CONVERIS Research Portal is an out-of-the-box solution that makes selected CONVERIS research information available publicly over the web. The Research Portal includes search functionality, filterable overviews, and attractive list pages that link to detailed information pages. The Research Portal provides an accessible public overview of the organisation’s research resources, activities and results; enabling identification of academic expertise and fostering new research connections.

CONVERIS Configuration

Through the optional Configuration Module, the client can change all key elements (data model, workflows, templates, user right, reports, and more) of CONVERIS to match its own specific needs.


Fully Web-based

Mobile Devices Supported

CERIF & CASRAI Compliant

Role-based Rights Management

Completely Configurable

Integrates with other systems Fact Sheet
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AVEDAS specialises in the development and implementation of Current Research Information Systems (CRIS). Our flagship research information system, CONVERIS® 5, supports universities, other research institutions and funding agencies comprehensively in collecting and managing data throughout the complete research life cycle.